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The Businessmakers Overtime Show: Brain Food for Entrepreneurs

October 26, 2009

If you’re an entrepreneur, or you want to be an entrepreneur, you should make it a daily habit to enrich your mind with all kinds of business knowledge. The best and brightest entrepreneurs read constantly: magazines, books, blogs. They listen to podcasts and radio shows that will help them become a better leaders.

The Businessmakers Show, a weekly national radio show that champions entrepreneurship, launched a spin-off podcast called The Businessmakers Overtime Show, geared towards helping young entrepreneurs become industry leaders. I co-host host this show, alongside the lovely and talented happykatie. Together, we try to make business as un-boring as possible. We’ll deliver relevant business news, highlight some crazy, off-the-wall CEOs who had the guts to make great business happen, and hopefully give you give you plenty of tips to help you become the NEXT BIG THING.

You’ll hear a new episode of the Businessmakers Overtime Show every Wednesday. Shows will highlight various industries, school of thought, or just whatever the heck we feel like talking about that week!

Every week, Katie and I will give you our Links of the Week. If you have a site, blog, or resource that entrepreneurs absolutely need to know about, send it our way; we’ll check it out.

There are many, many ways to connect with The Overtime Show gals. Twitter, Facebook, website, smoke signal, carrier pigeon… Okay, maybe not those last two, but the other 3 work just fine.

Want to try us on for size? Listen to the latest episode of The Businessmakers Overtime Show, and leave us your comments!

*Download the latest episode of The Businessmakers Overtime Show on iTunes!

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