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Southwest Airlines’ Spot-On Post-Purchase Email

December 15, 2009

Last weekend, I traveled to Dallas for a few hours to conduct an interview with the CEO of Tommy John, Tom Patterson. The easiest way to get to Dallas from Houston (if you live Inside the Loop) is on Southwest Airlines out of Hobby Airport. Southwest Airlines offers flights literally every hour, on the hour from Houston to Dallas and back, making same-day travel pain-free.

That being said, I’m a Continental Airlines loyalist. I rarely fly Southwest because I mostly cash in Continental miles to travel, meaning I have to spend the extra time driving to Intercontinental Airport if I want that semi-free flight. In this case, however, I flew Southwest for convenience. Every time I fly Southwest, I am reminded a) how much I enjoy it, and b) that they really practice what they preach. Southwest Airlines received a lot of praise in 2009 for not only their social media practices, but their excellent customer service. We’ve all seen Dave the Rapping Flight Attendant, which has gotten several hundred thousand views. And perhaps you’ve even heard or seen something similar during your own travels on Southwest Airlines (I have). Those things are praise-worthy, but what inspired me to pat SWA on the back was the post-purchase email I received yesterday:

Southwest Airlines Post-Purchase Email

These are the little things that make a big difference in customer loyalty. From this email, I can join their online community of travelers, share my travel experiences, talk to other people about their trips, and create a travel profile to keep me coming back. What I especially like is reading about other people’s cool travel experiences on Southwest. Once, on a trip to Vegas, the entire plane sung “Happy Birthday” to a passenger. On another trip, the flight attendant did a stand-up routine that was actually really funny. Now, through Southwest’s community, I have the opportunity to share those experiences with someone else.

The post-purchase email is one of the most neglected marketing tools in the arsenal. I rarely get one, though it’s one of the best ways to reengage a customer after they’ve bought from you. Southwest Airlines has a great channel through which I can interact with their brand even after my trip is over, and it all starts with a well-times post-purchase email.

Have you received any amazing post-purchase emails lately? Share ‘em in the comments!

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