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Bristol Palin Launches PR Firm. Excuse Me?

January 11, 2010

Little media darling Bristol Palin has launched her own Public Relations firm, BSMP, LLC (her initials). Originally uncovered by Rachel Maddow, the story goes that her agency is a way for her to handle the money coming to her for being a pro-abstinence ambassador.

Since when did “good at getting attention” become the only necessary skill set needed for launching your own agency? Though I don’t own my own business, what I know from talking to friends that do is that owning an agency is something you live, eat, and breathe. If her agency is simply a front for taking in money and sounding professional, did she have to call her business a PR firm? Sometimes it seems like we’re already facing head-on the bastardization of the industry as a whole, and something like this comes along to make you feel helpless in the battle.

It speaks to a bigger issue, that anyone thinks they can “do PR.” The skills necessary to be a successful PR pro are not inherent. They are mastered through practice, trying and failing, studying, reading, writing (and scrapping a lot of writing), and a college education. I’d say you do need a certain level of social efficiency at the base, but from there, things get difficult.

As we navigate through the murky waters where PR, marketing, and social media meet, let’s try to keep the riff raff out of the boat. There’s enough of them on board already.

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