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Brand Loyalty & Sweatpants: Yes, there’s a connection

March 12, 2010

I love So Low sweatpants. They are comfortable and stretchy and colorful and flared and, let’s face it. I like them because they make my tush look good. That helps.

But they’re much more expensive than regular sweat pants. Like, up to $100/pair. And yet, I’ve been dedicated to their brand since college. Still, I could buy some cheap pair for under $10, and they’d cover me up just fine.

How, then, can they sell their pants for (at least) twice the price?

1. They offer variety beyond my wildest imagination. The pants are available in tie-dye, hot pink, white terrycloth. Cropped, long, extra long, shorts, matching jackets… you name it, they have it.

2 . They last FOREVER. I still wear a pair I’ve had since college. Them’s some 7-year-old cotton pants. And they’ve been washed hundreds of times.

3. And it’s the So Low logo. Right on the back is that recognizable little SoLow circle.

4. Not everyone knows about these. Down here in Texas, they have to be ordered online. When I wear them, people always ask me about them, wanting the name of the website. It’s like being in some sort of secret sweatpants club. The scarcity makes them more desirable.

So Low is dear to me due to a combination of selection, quality, familiarity, and how they make me feel when I wear them. Oh, and the tush thing. Next time you’re launching a product line, think:

– Will people love this? Not like, love?

– Does it solve a problem (again, the tush thing)?

– Am I making these products in enough varieties that lots of people can use them?

Figure out what makes your product unique, then get it the hands of a small, dedicated audience. Grow your brand on that.

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