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The Luxor Las Vegas: A Frightening Experience

May 19, 2010

If you frequent Vegas, then you know you spend little to no time in your hotel room. Even still, you expect a certain amount of cleanliness in that space, since it will likely serve as your brief refuge from the grime and debauchery of the Strip. Last year, I attended’s Annual Summit in Las Vegas, which was an overall fantastic experienceThe conference, held at Mandalay Bay, was pricey enough. To save money, our team booked rooms at The Luxor, which is attached to Mandalay Bay. The rooms were a third of the price, but I figured, “how bad could it be?”

I’d like to preface this by saying I’m not the type of person to take to the internets to hoot and holler when I have a bad experience. I’d rather deal with the company personally, explain the problem, and give them a chance to solve it instead of shame them into doing so.

That being said, my stay at the Luxor was the worst hotel stay of my life. But that’s not the only problem. I’ll get to the trouble in a moment.
I arrived in Vegas late, the night before convention. As I cabbed it to the hotel, I was overtaken by an exhaustion that only sets in when you’re surrounded by chaos and want nothing to do with it. I finally pulled up to the Luxor. And why did I not assume ahead of time that it was shaped like a pyramid?

I check in without issue. Once inside the room, I throw my stuff down and all I want to do is crawl into bed. I conduct my pre-sleep rituals, put on my PJs, pull off the covers. Lo and behold, THE SHEETS ARE NOT CHANGED. And how do I know the sheets are not changed? There is hair in the bed. And the sheets are in disarray. I am disgusted. Physically ill at the thought of how dirty the rest of the room must be. I immediately call down to the front desk and they send someone up to change the linens. Too late, damage done. I spend the rest of the week sleeping with a t-shirt I brought from home draped over the pillow. Like I’d ever put my face on that dirty pillowcase.

The rest of the room is also awful. Separate shower and tub, thank goodness because when I turn the shower on, a strange brown liquid rises up from the bathtub drain. It was like Ghostbusters II. I thought the liquid might jump up and devour me.

So no, Luxor, I did not enjoy my stay. I told you so on my comment card. In fact, the card that was left for me to fill out on the final day of my trip featured some very choice words. I believe the phrase, “I’m going to tell everyone I know how horrible it is here.” Zero stars all around. I dropped that in the comment box on my way out, fully expecting at the very least a follow-up email.

A few weeks later, something ridiculous happened.

I do get an email, but not the kind I’m expecting. I’ve been added to their mailing list.

Somebody in the Luxor marketing department looked at my comment card and thought to himself, “Now here’s someone who wants to be contacted with promotional materials!” I almost felt dirtier than I had walking around the room at the hotel.
I never received a response to my comments, but would frequently receive offers for discounted rates because I am a “preferred customer.” I had to unsubscribe THREE TIMES before the emails finally stopped.

A preferred customer, who would prefer to stay somewhere else.

Something in me continued to nag, something said, “tell the world.” Why talk about it all these months later? Truthfully, when I think about it, or tell someone what happened, I still get all riled up. So here I am, begging you to cough up the extra dough to stay somewhere that changes their sheets and pours Drain-o down the drain once in awhile. There are times we want to forget what went on inside the hotel rooms in Vegas, but it shouldn’t be for reasons like this.

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  1. June 28, 2010 4:18 am

    Indeed, it is clueless marketing department people that give the entire profession a bad name. This is why I had such a low opinion of marketers in general for years. I’ve finally gotten over it, and now, as someone starting a marketing/PR company of his own, I can simply see examples of what not to do and what to advise my clients not to do.

    I have never been to Las Vegas. I do plan to go someday. And I definitely will not stay at the Luxor when I do!

    • james permalink
      August 28, 2010 5:55 pm

      The Luxor is a great hotel, especially for the money. See for yourself.

      • Esther Steinfeld permalink*
        October 6, 2010 4:07 pm

        Did you read my post? I did see for myself. It’s a trash heap.

  2. tracy permalink
    December 26, 2010 7:01 pm

    I just returned from the LUXOR – AKA the Chinese Dormitory. No wonder it is so cheap! These busloads of people were so rude, pushy, and disgusting. They would enter the elevators and make everyone who was trying to get off push by them; bump and run into other people as if we weren’t there. This happened to us so often it was really making us angry since our son is disabled and was almost knocked down by Chinese people three times. If you say anything, they just ignore you, turn and jabber in Mandarin or whatever. I got so irritated that I began amusing myself by replying in fake Chinese. Then we had a laugh.
    Likewise, the food at the Luxor is terrible, the keys don’t work in the elevator or any of our rooms, and one employee didn’t know where the stairs were when the alarm went off, the elevators stopped, and all the doors automatically closed. Thank goodness I speak Spanish and was able to communicate with the employee who obviously didn’t English. We all found the stairs.

    I agree with Esther – the hallways were filthy, the glass on paintings all tagged by gangsters. Sanek scratched his name all over the 6th floor and every elevator. Our bathroom had some kiddie’s scribbles all over it. No effort to clean up the mess has been made by the Luxor. The management SUCKS! I did meet some very nice people who work there. They made the stay way more pleasant.

    I believe they cater to foreigners who, according to employees, enter private areas (employees only) and have urinated and thrown up in the fake plants. Their about no WIFI is “because of the shape of the building.” I believe the real reason the LUXOR doesn’t install a modern system is because all of these horrible people do not use the internet! They can’t even find the bathroom or realize that there are other human beings in the world besides THEM.

    I DO NOT CARE IF YOU CALL ME RACIST! This is the truth!

    DO NOT STAY AT THE LUXOR!!!!!!!!!!

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