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Want to make money doing what you love?

November 18, 2010
Abby Larson, CEO of Style Me Pretty

Abby Larson, CEO of Style Me Pretty

So, I’m getting married, and during my first week on the job, I bought MANY, MANY magazines. Many. And blew through a significant amount of cash in doing so. I realized I was going to blow my entire wedding budget just coming up with wedding ideas, so I turned to the internets for inspiration.

Fact: there are hundreds and hundreds and thousands of wedding-focused blogs.

There are lots of okay wedding blogs. But one does seem to stand above the rest. It’s beautiful, ethereal, and I’ve sort of become a loyal reader. is its name, and if you love design and weddings and prettiness, this is must-read. What sets it apart from others is that it has a certain aspirational, ethereal quality that carries through the whole website to create one cohesive voice from which it doesn’t often deviate. It lists all vendors, so as you’re inspired by beautiful images, you can contact the party responsible for your own wedding. It also connects you to hundreds of reputable vendors, who happen to be their advertisers.

I reached out to StyleMePretty founder Abby Larson to interview her for The Businessmakers Show, thinking it would be a fun interview with someone whose website I liked. What I discovered upon speaking with her is that she is an incredibly savvy entrepreneur, who full-time employs an entire team of people to manage and design Style Me Pretty. It is actually a very successful business that pays Larson’s mortgage, though you’d never know it, based on the site itself, and that’s just how Larson wants it. Her team takes careful steps to ensure that as their site grows, it remains an intimate, cozy haven for brides and bridal enthusiasts.

Not many people have been able to monetize their blogs in this way, and anyone who’s thinking of ways to do it must listen to this interview. It’s inspiring. Plus, Miss Larson is lovely and talented, and she’s funny to boot.

Listen here: Businessmakers Overtime Show episode 66 with Style Me Pretty founder Abby Larson.


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